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There are many things to think about when having a new kitchen installation. You need to think about the practicality of the room but also about the overall look. There are now a huge amount of options concerning the style of your kitchen, be it a modern, gloss slab style kitchen or a more traditional, oak shaker style and everything inbetween, but there are also huge choices in storage solutions and practical features. It's worth really thinking about how you need to use the space, what you need to store in it and what appliances you'll need.

The best way to start thinking about your project and getting a plan together is to get a 3D design plan. With this, you can play around with lots of different styles and layouts and really get a good feel of what your new kitchen will look like and how it will work on a practical level. We can offer you a 3D design service which you will also be able to log on to from your home computer with internet connection and make changes and play around with ideas yourself. We will take all the necessary measurements and load it into the system. Then we can sit down with you and and show you some ideas or we can completely design it for you and then let you make changes afterwards, either with us, or on your own system at your leisure.


At the heart of kitchen design is the three point or triangle system. This refers to the layout of your fridge, cooker and sink. These are considered the main appliances in your kitchen and should be set, where possible as points of a triangle, no more than 6 feet apart. The next thing to consider in your kitchen installation is storage. You can never have enough. You can choose to have base cabinets with drawers for extra storage in your kitchen. This can provide much more valuable storage than a kitchen without them. You may also wish to opt for tall wall units (900mm), although not all kitchen styles are available with this option. The other thing you'll never have enough of ? Worktop space. Make sure your new kitchen has enough lengths of clear worktop space to prepare meals etc. Some of the worktop space will be broken up by your sink or hob/cooker, so it's important to have some clear runs too.

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